Ham Radio Remote Control

Simple ham radio remote control is an inexpensive way to remote operate non CAT-controlled amateur ham radio transceivers in your ham radio station through a supported web browser from a PC, Laptop, Android - (¹Apple) phone.

Hosted by a Raspberry Pi in your ham station and remote controlled through the ²Ham Radio Remote Control Radio Interface.

Simple ham radio remote control web app is currently being beta tested and there is a download available on the Installation guide page. documentation is currently limited to the installation guide page and related project links.

Always review the FCC rules - regulation before operating any two-way radio remotely.

ham radio remote control block diagram image Icom, Yaesu, Kenwood.
ham radio remote control pc mobile  user interface image 1 Icom, Yaesu, Kenwood.

  1. After logging in the user interface will appear.
    Click the [ Call Radio ] button this will initiate the Audio - Power radio ON process on the Raspberry Pi in the ham station.

    ham radio remote control user interface image 2 Icom, Yaesu, Kenwood.

  2. The Raspberry Pi (reply) will remove the [ Call Radio ] button indicating that it is ready. Now Click the [ Start Audio ] button.

    ham radio remote control user interface image 3 Icom, Yaesu, Kenwood.

  3. That's it; The Push2Talk (PTT) button is now enabled.

    ham radio remote controluser interface image 4 Icom, Yaesu, Kenwood.

    To Transmit hover over the Push2Talk (PTT) button press and hold the left mouse button down or Long-touch Push2Talk (PTT) button on mobile device.

    Release the left-mouse button or Touch to Stop Transmitting.

    Click the [ Hang Up ] button to end the Radio Call and Logout.

Radios Supported:

VHF, UHF, HF, HT Amateur Ham radio transceiver.


Simple ham radio remote control web app hosted by a small, low-cost Raspberry Pi credit card-sized computer is a cost-effective way to remote control, operate non CAT-controlled VHF, UHF, HF, HT amateur ham radio transceiver in your ham radio station.

This is a headless installation that doesn't require any kind of extra hardware (such as a monitor, a keyboard, or a mouse). All you need is the Raspberry Pi itself, a microSD card, a 5V power supply, a USB Audio adapter, a Radio interface a Network cable, and a connection to the local area network (LAN).

There are no subscription fees, the simple ham radio remote control web app is free to download.


Though the following network configurations

  1. Local area network (LAN), WiFi, and Internet
  2. Dedicated WiFi Hotspot
  3. Mobile WiFi Hotspot


  • Easy-to-use user interface
  • Programmable (CTCSS) PL tones
  • Ser2Net remote connection to serial port
  • User-selectable GPIO pin use any GPIO
  • Webcam to monitor the radio station - radio
  • Web hosting service host your own web page

simple ham radio remote control user interface image 5 Icom, Yaesu, Kenwood.


  • Power ON/OFF
  • Push toTalk
  • Call Radio
  • Start Audio
  • Volume Control
  • Add/Delete Users
  • Update PL Tone

The radio will automatically turn off when the network connection is lost or when the web browser is accidentally closed, refreshed, or reloaded. This is a safety feature, so you do not have to worry about the radio staying on while stuck in transmit.

Integrated Continuous Tone Coded Squelch System (CTCSS) PL to access an FM repeater.

Supported web browsers: Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox on a PC, Laptop, Android - (¹Apple) phone.

Radio remote power On/Off, Push-to-Talk (PTT) and 2-way audio are integrated into the web browser app, so there is no additional audio software to install.

Simple Ham Radio Remote Control is a free web app, it comes preinstalled on an OS image for the Raspberry Pi which is flashed on an 8GB or larger microSD card using your favorite software to flash microSD cards. There is No additional software to install.

Simple Ham Radio Remote Control Applications:

Microphone extension: continue to monitor a net and operate the radio through a Android - (¹Apple) phone when getting a cup of coffee or doing other things around the house-property.

Turn a Smart phones Into Walkie Talkies: with simple ham radio remote control and an unused single channel VHF, UHF, HT amateur ham radio transceiver.

Access a local repeater any time anywhere: when out of repeater radio range you still can access the repeater through the radio in your ham station from a PC, Laptop, Android - (¹Apple) phone.

Activate the optional Ser2Net: to remote control CAT capable HF Amateur Ham radios using serial port rig control software via the local area network-Internet from a windows Desktop, Laptop.

Operate from anywhere: using a PC, Laptop, Android - (¹Apple) phone.

Gave an old unused radio a new life.

¹ Apple phone only tested with ios safari iPhone 12.

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